New circus. Synthesis of genres. Urban environment.
The festival of contemporary circus and street-art Balansirovka will be held in Krasnogvardeisky district
of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The festival will mix up single art interventions and urban performances
with the professional shows of circus and theatre companies, interactions with local community,
inclusive program and carnival procession.

Discover the new
We would like to develop the concept of "new circus" in Russia, creating space for experiments with modern music, street-art, and best educational practices
Join the unjoinable
On the line of connection of different kinds of arts the most exciting and interesting things are created - that's why we have made the synthesis of arts the basic principle of the festival
Change the image of the city
We want to influence the development of the urban environment: to change the space and the attitude of the citizens to it, to fill it with bright cultural dominants.
7 000 spectators

the expected number of
visitors on the venues of
Balansirovka festival
6 countries

Netherlands, France,
UK, Finland,
Russia, Sweden
150 000 people

the total audience of all locations of the festival and all those who follow its events in media and social networks
100 participants

circus performers, street artists, directors, musicians, DJs, performers, educational experts

Upsala-Circus is the only circus for hooligans in the world. It is a modern circus, its performances smoothly unite acrobacy, juggling, modern dance, elements of street culture, parkour and break dancing. There are kids and teens from the social risk groups, and also the kids with development peculiarities.

Several times a year Upsala-Circus becomes the organizator of large city events, festival, concerts
Balansirovka Festival 2017
In 2017 Upsala-Circus has organized the first edition of "Balansirovka" festival in St. Petersburg
Urban environment
Creative labs, art interventions in the urban environment and interactions with people: performances and installations created in collaboration between artists and local community.
All abilities
The festival is going to become a perfect platform for the creative expression for people with different abilities. The inclusive performances and open meetings will be held on the venue of Upsala-Circus.
Educational program
Academie Fratellini and the organizers of Bosch Parade festival will hold several open workshops for the people fromlocal community in public spaces.
Slava Polunin, circus director, clown, mime:
"I suggest it is great pennies from heaven that such an event as "Upsala-Circus" was bron in our city. I believe that they will provide a new key-note, new soul to the circus as a whole because the circus as as a skill is well developed here: there are a lot of experts, brilliant teachers, trainers. Circus is not like a dream, creative work or personal statement. "Upsala-Circus" is completely another world: fantasy, joyful".
23 June 2019
AGIT-CIRK (Finland), Gandini Juggling (UK), circus project TOCHKA (Russia)
Workshops by creators and organizers of Bosch Parade (Netherlands) and Academie Fratellini (France) with local community. Art interventions and changes in the image of the city.
Creative lab in the urban environment. Participants: Pokras Lampas (Russia), À La Fabrique Royale (France), AKHE theatre (Russia).
Inclusive program: Dan Daw Creative Projects (UK), "Pirosmani's Dreams", Upsala-Circus (Russia), open lectures and discussions
Carnival Procession as the final event of the Festival
New circus
Circus artists and teams from 6 different countries will perform on the different venues of Krasnogvardeisky district, among them Gandini Juggling (UK), circus project TOCHKA (Russia), AGIT-CIRK (Finland), Academie Fratellini (France).

Gandini (UK)
4 x 4 Ephemeral Architectures

Creative lab in the urban environment
We are going to create surprising collaboration of the artists of different art forms located in the significant points of urban environment. Participants: Pokras Lampas (Russia), À La Fabrique Royale (France), AKHE theatre (Russia).
Educational program
Academie Fratellini and the organizers of Bosch Parade festival will hold several open workshops for the people fromlocal community. The activities will locate in in public spaces such as libraries, outdoors, parks, etc.
Larisa Afanaseva
ideologist and founder of the festival
producer, director and art director of Upsala-Circus, organizer of the International circus festival "Flying Kids", "The day of Fairytales", "Flowers in junk"
Elisaveta Siomicheva
festival coordinator
cultural manager in Upsala-Circus, coordinator of
Balansirovka festival
Olesya Radilova
Fundraiser in Upsala-Circus,
author of the fundraising programs
of Spasibo charity shop
Festival territory = urban space. We want the festival to discover new possibilities of the urban space. New art objects will appear in Krasnogvardeyskiy district, filling ordinary places with new senses and visual representations.

Upsala-Circus has been the bright cultural dominant of the district for 7 years already. Around the circus there is the space of Upsala-Park which managed to become a platform for many cultural events, festivals and fests. Among them there are "Color carnival" by Slava Polunin, Night of Museums, International circus festival "Flying kids". Such musicians as Tequilajazz and Optymistica Orchestra, cabaret-band "Silver Wedding", Khoronko Orchestra, La-Minor, Nina Karlsson and others performed there.

Contacts and feedback:
(general questions and extra information about the festival)
(812) 633 35 58
Elisaveta Siomicheva
(organization and participation questions)
+7 (921) 980 2838
Olesya Radilova
(support and sponsoring questions)
+7 (953) 147 7701
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